Why Porn Sex is Bad Sex

For a few years, I had a sexual style love just like what I had visible in porn. In fact, this type of sex was like how I discovered to masturbate as a teen. I practiced a sexual style of fast and vigorous and thought that this was the real key to wonderful intercourse.

However, all this changed once I attended a sexuality workshop. At this workshop, 30 women described how they surely appreciated intercourse.

Now, just about all of the guys had a big surprise as they located what they commonly preferred became taken into consideration bad sex

Gee, over 90% of the women stated they appreciated sex to be sluggish and linked or used similar expressions. And just a few described porn style intercourse as their favorite style of sexuality. So it regarded that porn fashion is bad intercourse.

Now as a certified sexologist, I get to talk to lots of women about sex. I absolutely have regarded what women really need in intercourse. Most girls still liked a high-depth sexual revel in now and then.

But what they definitely wanted to be most instances an emotional connection with their lover they made love.

So from my studies and the excellent homework, I have accomplished over the years, what are some hints for guys to make love in this connected way.

Open your eyes and feel into your lover whilst making love. See if you could grow to be extra touchy and sense her orgasmic electricity to your body. Eyes open sex can be difficult for some, however, the rewards are feeling extra in tune along with your lover and extra love flowing.

Slow down how you make love. Take extra time in foreplay and intercourse. Really get into your sensual touch on your lover’s body. Try making love for a half-hour or longer. Enjoy each second.

Breath is greater. Try breathing into your belly. This helps you now not to get too excited and as a result, to make intercourse last loads longer. It also can help build the energy to better states of pleasure.

Try making greater sounds of delight so your lover can sense your strength greater. This also allows guys to move the electricity from their genitals to extra full-body experience. This allows them to keep away from the coming too soon problem that plenty of men face.

Relax all through sex instead of getting a purpose of orgasm. I really revel in every contact and sensation and feeling with no goal. Let go to really sense your love in your lover and her feminine sexual strength.

Next time you are making love, try a number of the above hints and spot how your lover responds.


What To Do When Your Husband Watches Porn During Your Pregnancy

Is Your Husband Addicted to Porn?

One of the questions you may have to ask yourself if this – is your husband addicted to porn or is it simply something he watches every once in a while? Many people hold the belief that there is nothing wrong with using visual stimulation or simply watching pornography. You have to decide how you feel about it. If it upsets you, then it’s wrong. You need to have a conversation with your husband and let him know how it makes you feel for him to watch pornography.

On the other hand, many men have an addiction to pornography. Addiction to porn is very similar to any other addiction. The addict feels as if they must watch porn and they will do it very often, sometimes allowing it to get in the way of their normal lives. Some men have even been fired from work because they were caught pulling porn up on the computer. This is not normal behavior and could be a sign that your husband is addicted to porn. In this case, confronting him maybe require something other than a simple heart to heart.

Confronting Your Husband –

If you think it’s a normal thing and that your husband is not addicted to porn, but you’re still upset, you should sit down with him and have a heart to heart talk about the situation. He may have no idea that it would upset you for him to watch porn. The only way he’s going to find out is if you tell him! So, be honest and without being hostile or attacking him for watching porn, tell him how it makes you feel. Most husbands who care for their wives will understand and will do what they can to make their wives feel more comfortable.

However, if you feel as if your husband may be addicted to porn, there are a few things you can do. Research support groups for others who are addicted and find out more about porn addiction. This may help you confront your husband with some information that could help him kick his addiction. You want to come at him very gently as well, without hostility or anger. If you come at him with an attack automatically, he could close off and refuse to communicate which could lead to bigger problems.

Using these tips and tricks, you should be able to confront your husband in a way that lets him know about your concerns and feelings without making him feel embarrassed or ashamed. Communication is key and this will help you remedy the situation before it gets worse!

The Porn High And How To Use This For Amazing Sex With Your Lover

The most sensitive woman can spot a man who watches a lot of porn every day from his energy. Many men ejaculate many times a day from their porn habit. Such men can have a lack of vitality and masculine power. I feel this is from ejaculation too much. This energy is a real turn off for a woman.

I am not against watching porn, as you can use porn to explore amazing high erotic states and men can even learn about premature ejaculation and dry orgasms.

Erotic Pathways

The main disadvantage of watching a lot of porn is that it narrows your erotic pathways in your body. You train your brain to get to orgasms only with one method of intense fantasy and masturbation friction. Most men tighten up in their bodies watching porn. This restricts their ability to feel pleasure in the body.

Over time, one becomes less sensitive to erotic touch and less sensitive to feeling your partner’s energy. Relaxation in sex is needed to activate the mirror neurons that allow you to feel what your lover is experiencing.

The following are some tips to use porn with the aim to get into your body rather than leaving our body for a visual fantasy.

Porn Body Movement

The main tip to expand the pleasure in porn is to use body movement. Try watching porn standing and move our hips or thrust them in and out.

You will find that this allows the energy to move out of your genitals into your body for a more powerful, full-body experience.

Some can make porn a dance experience. Just adding some hip movement can add another element.

Becoming in your body is important for good sex. Porn can teach us to be out of the body and into visual fantasy. It is important to explore adding your body into your porn watching.

Porn and Breath

Now focus on adding some conscious breathing to your practice. One can coordinate your breath with the movement on the screen or your own movement.

Porn and Sounds

Now the most challenging thing to add for most men is to make sounds during the session. Express what you are feeling. Even laugh.

This helps move the erotic energy out of your genitals to a more whole-body experience. If you really get into load sounds you will feel the orgasm in your whole body.